Blacks and Asians

It is no longer a secret that most of the recent violent crimes perpetrated against the Asian elderly are perpetrated by black youths. I am not a social scientist but l am curious as to why this is happening. This is what I think.
The conflicts between blacks and Asians are not new. We can all remember the 1992 LA riots caused by the acquittal of police officers who brutally beat Rodney King. During that riots, the blacks targeted, robbed, and burned Asian businesses in their neighborhood. Much of it was caused by resentment because of the perceived successes of new Korean immigrants. They didn’t understand that many Koreans frugally pooled their family resources together to buy their mom-and-pop businesses, and then they toil long and hard to make slim profits.
I have recently learned of the phrase “inconvenient minority”. In good times, the whites point out to the blacks and the Hispanics that they should be more like the Asians. In the present pandemic, it is the China virus that is causing your misery. Asians are “screwed” either way. The Asian culture of acquiescence and not speaking up doesn’t help matters. The predators always prey on the perceived weak and the easy pickings. It doesn’t help that many older Asians are thought of as penny-pinchers and are believed to carry quite a bit of cash at all times.
There is also a cultural difference between the preferred paths to success between blacks and Asians. It is generally believed that blacks seek success through sports and entertainment and Asians through achievement in STEM endeavors. The value systems of the two groups are vastly different and it would take an inordinate amount of effort to bridge the gap if it can be done in our generation.
Additionally, as China and other Asian countries are growing stronger and in many cases outperforming western societies, it probably hurts the pride and superiority complex of the white supremacists. This has spilled over to laying blames on Asians for many ills of our society. The hawks and the less well-educated are buying into that narrative.
There are many other reasons, but finally, we must admit that many Asians are racists too. Many of us look down on blacks and other minorities. This has not escaped their attention and given a chance, they will eke out vengeance.
As NAAPAC has often pointed out, we need to build an America that embraces diversity and erases the innate tribal and racist tendencies that are in our DNA. The United States is at our greatest when we value every citizen regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability, and sexual orientation. If we are to lead the world, we must cherish people from all over the world!
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Joel Wong, President